Saturday, March 13, 2010

Huh? What? How Come? Why???????????????????? might ask the republican party. I'll tell
you why. Because the republican party is working for the insurance industry not for you. Take note: At the end of this article they speak about federally controlled health care system. That's a lie, there would be regulations put into place to keep companies from denying you coverage or dropping you because of a pre-existing conditon. It would allow you to get the same health insurance that they get as legislators. There isn't even the dreaded public option included in this bill, which should be in there but, that's a battle for another day. Scott Brown is just a lap dog for Blue Cross. The republicans and the health insurance industry are fighting for their lives. They've been living off the fat of our backs for too long and they know that we know it too. They are fighting to maintain a status quo that does not work. OPEN YOUR EYE'S PEOPLE! Toto has pulled back the curtain! The Wizard is just a snake oil salesman from Kansas.