Thursday, September 4, 2008

Warning To Americaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! much for the respectful discourse John McCain wanted to have for this election cycle. Each and every speech given last night was either long winded or out right rude and disrespectful. Most were both. Here's a good review. Sarah Palin definitely did not implode as I expected, she projectilely blecthed bile and venom with a smarmy smile on her fat runner up Miss Congeniality face. Here is the warning part; If that rhymes with witch becomes the next vp we will have a National Church Lady for at least the next two years. Because I predict that McCain will keel over in office, then GOD FORBID, she'll be President Church Lady!
Y'all ready fa dis peeple?
And right here right now I am making a citizens arrest, charging her with defrauding the federal government of $283,000,000.00 by accepting that money earmarked for the Bridge to Nowhere and depositing those funds in the Alaska general treasury. She might have said thanx but no thanx but she has not returned the money specifically set aside for the building of a bridge. That's defrauding the federal government. Haven't we just gone through 8 years of that kinda crap? Do we need even one day more? How anybody could contemplate voting for these bald faced lieing shysters is totally incomprehensible to me. She's got star quality and presence, I'll hand her that. But her novelty should wear thin and off pretty quick. Everybody knows what a major pain in the ass the Church Lady can be.
PS. And Rudy Guiliani is one ugly, I mean UGLY (as in scato-encephalic) human being. A good rebuttal here to rudy's malodorous psychobabble.