Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Two more for Obama.....
Thank you Wisconsin and
Hawaii. And a special tip
of the hat to Mary Liedtke
of Eau Claire, Wis. who said.....
she had been a supporter of Mrs. Clinton. But in the final weeks of the Iowa caucus campaign, she said she had become inspired by Mr. Obama’s supporters.

“Some elderly women I’ve heard say, ‘I want to see a woman president before I die,’ and I know that’s why some of them are supporting Hillary,” Ms. Liedtke said in an interview after seeing Mr. Obama last weekend in her town.

“But you know what? That’s a selfish reason to vote for a president just because you want to see a woman before you die,” she added. “What about the kids coming up? I feel we should vote for the young people.”

I hope voters here in Rhode Island will adopt a similar point of view on March 4 and place their vote for the future and not with the flawed policies of the past.